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Credit Card Processing Reviews

Are you feeling bogged down in your search for the right credit card processing company? With hundreds of providers to choose from, and each one offering more or less the same level of service - it begs the question, “Which one is right for me”? If you find yourself in this predicament, our reviews are here to help. On this page, you will find a comprehensive list of the top credit card processing companies, an explanation of the best approaches, and merchant service reviews that different businesses are examining for long term success.

Additionally, the reviews touch upon various key aspects of a well-endowed credit card processing system like transparent pricing, transaction speed, security, processing fees, and more. You’ll get a list of standalone merchant service reviews, along with why, how, and where to find the best merchant services for your type of business. Whether you are running a retail store, restaurant, bar, or salon business, you will find a credit card processing company that is just right for you.

Guide to Choosing Credit Card Processing Companies 

One might ask, “do I need a merchant account to accept debit or credit card payments from my customers?”  Truth be told, it’s possible to accept credit card payments without a merchant account. However, the security a merchant credit card processor provides makes that alternative relatively risky. As such,  virtually every business trusts credit card processing companies today to process credit card payments from customers. 

To enable you to make the smartest decision, we’ve put together all the relevant information you need about credit card processing companies, merchant account providers, credit card processing reviews, and merchant services reviews. We know it sounds like a mouthful. Therefore, we’ve separated this page into different sections. The main parts include:

  • Pros & Cons
  • Overview
  • Products & Services
  • Fees & Rates
  • Customer Service & Technical Support
  • Contract Length & Early termination fees
  • User Reviews
  • Sales & Advertising transparency
  • Final Verdict

Make it to the end of this page and find out how to detect merchant scams and ripoffs. But before then, let’s begin with the pros and cons of using credit card processing companies for merchant accounts. 


  • Quick and seamless payment
  • Faster checkout
  • Cheaper transaction costs
  • Avoid cash related security issues
  • Multiple options to choose from
  • Allows Clients to verify info before making payments


  • Associated processing costs
  • Risk of internet fraud
  • Incidents of chargebacks
  • Some international customers have no access to credit cards


Ask any business owner you know (if you aren’t one) about merchant accounts, and they are likely to tell you how useful they are for dealing with customer payments-especially if you accept payments through the internet. There are different merchant accounts like retail merchant account, internet merchant account, and more. However, irrespective of the kind of merchant account you decide to use, the credit card processing companies you have to deal with will play a principal role in the success of your business endeavors. 

Though opinions might differ on the need for a merchant account, there is a fact that’s undeniable. Merchant accounts exist to facilitate the back and forth interactions that are required by credit card processing companies of both customers and merchants to complete payment. Hence, you can receive your payments as quickly as possible in a system where everything seems to take of itself. 

Of course, as you would expect, this service you enjoy from merchant account providers come at a cost. However, these costs aren’t fixed, and they primarily depend on the products and services you subscribe to. Therefore let’s see some options available to merchants. 

Products & Services

Just about every serious business in today’s tech world requires credit card payments to maximize profits. Therefore, it is beneficial to find the best credit card processing companies that support your goals and ensure you enjoy the best rates and transaction measures possible. There are so many options to choose from, which makes it tricky to find the best options. 

As such, we have researched the industry of merchant account providers, summed up merchant services reviews, and combed through credit card processing reviews to pick the best alternatives in 2020. During our search, we found that the best credit card processing companies usually offer transparent pricing, present reasonable rates, with low credit card fees. 

Out of over 100 different options, we’ve rounded up our best picks in terms of products and services from credit card processing companies and here are our top seven picks and their strongest suits below:

  • Flagship - Flexible terms
  • Square - Mobile
  • Helcim - Best overall
  • Merchant One - Featured sponsor
  • Stripe - Online
  • Fiserv - High volume
  • Paypal - Low-volume

Though these are the payment processing companies leading the way both offline and online, there are several exciting trends to look out for in this new year. Customer experience is still the focal point of these trends, to improve and over-deliver on the expectations of customers. 

The expectations aren’t lacking in any way, since customers today require the highest standards in transparency, security, and speed of payment processors. As such, you are better off partnering with credit card processing companies that do their best to meet these expectations. 

Fees & Rates

Before you get an account from any of the best merchant account providers, it's crucial to understand how prices work clearly. Also, you need to ascertain how you can avoid additional fees in the form of penalties and hidden costs. If you’re interested in knowing how the charges for a typical merchant account work, then keep reading. 

To begin with, transactions with credit card processing companies begin the very second your customer taps, swipes, or insert their card (debit or credit). Usually, this transaction attracts a fee depending on the transaction cost. Your total charges per transaction depend on three factors. These are your customer’s bank and your bank, the merchant account providers that hold your accounts, and the credit card companies that issued your card. 

In some cases, you’d be charged a fixed transaction rate that’s free of any additional charges. Others offer a tiered pricing system that’s determined by other variables apart from your card type. 

Types of Pricing

There are three different pricing models associated with merchant accounts. These are:

  • Flat rates
  • Interchange plus pricing 
  • Tiered pricing

Typically, flat rates charge a predetermined percentage per transaction. Many businesses find the flat rate perfect for their operations. However, the interchange plus pricing also provides a lot of advantages in which credit card processing companies like Mastercard and Visa charge fees per transaction. It is termed the rate of the interchange. 

Often, merchant account providers will prop up the charged amount, making you pay a slightly higher amount. If you’ve ever seen the 2.75% + $0.10 on any merchant account provider’s website, then you’ve seen the interchange-plus pricing at work. In this case, the 2.75% is your credit card processing fee, and the $0.10 is the marked-up fee. 

On the other hand, tiered pricing is the type of charge credit card processing companies use to determine a wide variety of cost structures. Your final cost will depend on factors like the type of card, among others. 

The bottom line is the fact that the fees you pay for your transactions aren’t set in stone and shouldn’t be. You can change them once you determine that they don’t favor your business. 

Contract Length & Early Termination Fee

As much as credit card processing companies got your back with secure payment options and flexible rates, they’re services also come with terms and conditions (T&C). Therefore, you need to pay attention to several details outlined in the T&C before making any commitments. Some of these details are the contract length and early termination fees. 

These are the most common merchant account fees that we encounter - early termination fees (ETF). Depending on the T&C, these fees can be anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars. We strongly advise you to review your contract carefully before making final commitments. 

Sales & Advertising Transparency

  • Offers comprehensive, up-to-date, and quality through a reliable and secure website.
  • The website readily discloses contract terms and full pricing packages.
  • Has in-house sales team
  • Good feedback from merchants about good sales practices
  • Use of transparent and regulated sales approaches

Customer Service & Technical Support

  • Have multiple channels for providing customer and technical support like live chat, phone, email, etc. 
  • Customer support reps are professional, courteous and knowledgeable
  • Offers 24/7 customer service and technical support
  • Hold a good track record for providing quality customer support despite existing complaints

User Reviews

  • The user base and company size must reasonably tally with the number of complaints
  • Complaints are tackled in a timely and reasonable manner
  • The portion of resolved issues is quite high 
  • Gets lots of positive scores and reviews on many credit card processing reviews sites.
  • Have trustworthy details regarding reasons for positive reviews

Final Verdict

The takeaway, you can judge the different credit card processing companies based on various factors. However, the main factors are those we’ve outlined above. Based on how the companies you are considering for your merchant account perform, you will make a final decision. 

Irrespective of the final decision you make, make sure you also take into account merchant services reviews and ensure you review the performance of your credit card processing companies from time to time to ensure you always get the best services possible.