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About Us

Payment Processing 101 is your go-to resource for reviews, opinions, and latest updates in the payment processing world.

About PaymentProcessing101

PaymentProcessing101 was founded by business owners just like you; after having walked miles in your shoes and being well acquainted with the challenges of selecting the best payment tools to run a profitable business. We don’t believe in blasting content and waiting for feedback - Instead, we listen, take notes, and then listen some more.

At PaymentProcessing101, you will find the right avenue where your business challenges meet payment processing solutions. We take the complexity out of researching multiple payment providers and help you decide one that fits your business to a tee. If you are a freelancer who needs payments regularly, or a small retailer who wants to receive payment quickly, PaymentProcessing101 is where you will get all the information you need.

What We Do

At PaymentProcessing101, we exist to make your life easier! How do we do this? By taking away the guesswork, confusion, and time intensiveness out of the decision-making process. We help you and your business navigate the complex and often obscure world of payment processing.

Some of the major areas of specialization include:

  • Credit card processing
  • Merchant account services
  • Mobile payment services
  • Online payment processing
  • Employee payroll software
  • Invoice software
  • Small business payments
  • Small business loans
  • Merchant Cash advance

To ensure we provide all interested parties with the best information across these diverse categories, we employ specific research, professional, and ethical approaches that ensure we deliver on the promise of always presenting our findings as factually and ethically as possible. Ultimately the goal is not to promote one provider over the other. Rather, we seek to level the playing field by granting small businesses access to premium services otherwise only available to larger corporations at a fraction of the cost.

The smartest way to connect with companies in the payment industry is by not trying at all. Save yourself the time and trouble of reviewing and researching companies like credit card processors or mobile payment processors. We have done all the groundwork and burrowed our way through countless payment processing providers present in the market. Our reviews have revealed one simple truth - resources do matter, no matter which business or industry you find yourself in. Keeping that in mind, we can get you past the long list of options by selectively eliminating until only the best of every category is all that’s left.

Our Website

This website is the official authority voice on payment processing and is a home for unbiased reviews on the top payment processing companies out there. You will find relevant information on the various payment processing companies not just in the present but also crucial launches and industry updates. Our research covers not just companies in major cities but also in several local business areas.

To keep our readers up-to-date on the latest happenings in the industry, we provide fresh content that’s updated constantly. The content goes through a series of vetting, editing, proofreading, and fact-checking rounds. This ensures the highest level of relevance and quality for the reader. The PaymentProcessing101 site wasn’t built to promote businesses that excelled in a number of areas. Therefore our site doesn’t provide featured content; neither does it supply promoted content from any particular business entity.

For readers and business owners who share our vision of finding the payment processing companies out there, we offer the avenue to a free platform without any monthly subscriptions or freemium packages.

Our Reviews

There is always an anxious person at one end of a review. Either it is the one being reviewed or the party conducting the reviews. It’s hard to eliminate bias. Of course, this phenomena is what makes third-party, and user reviews so brilliant!

How We Do Them

Our researchers adopt a user-centric approach to payment process companies and and loan service review. By doing so, we focus on aspects of research that bring out the overall reliability of different providers and how these companies in turn generate value for our readers. Some of the best ways of understanding the needs of customers are by listening to them.

Therefore, our research dwells largely on the feedback of other users and their take on providers and businesses under consideration. Using a carefully tested in-house approach, we are able to bring out the credibility, quality, and potential of the services that come across our tables. Sure, our thoroughness and diligence with each review take time, but Payment Processing 101 does believe in the legitimacy of processes, and we would have it no other way.

While conducting reviews, our professional team of reviewers always keep in mind exactly what criteria, qualities, and properties we are looking for in each provider probe to ensure we do not miss the bigger picture.

Our Criteria

As thorough as our entire review process seems, it is largely based on specific criteria. The Payment Processing 101 criteria consist of elements that, we believe, are integral to judge the top companies in the market. It is our belief that the criteria set addresses the principal issues our readers require to make the best decisions regarding payment processing companies who will help them get ahead.

Some of the criteria include the credibility of user reviews, feedback, information available on the providers, usability of service, customer support, and technical support available not only after but during the buying process. These factors brought together give us an overall idea of how to rate any payment processing company. Ideally, our ratings go over a payment processing provider, or an advance loan service to either be outstanding, good, satisfactory, poor or unsatisfactory.


Running a tech business? You need this site. It ‘s more than a review site! It’s my go-to source for all business software purchases I’ve made in the past few months. Instead of using your traditional reviews to promote paid businesses, PP101 believes in merit-based reviews. I’ll totally recommend it to all my compatriots in business. And if it doesn’t deliver as per expectations, you can move on… There is really no real risk here.

Eugenia Drubeshuk

Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes when I first heard of Payment Processing 101. However, to say I am impressed is an understatement. I was in desperate need of a merchant account (or so I thought) to help me with payments for my small laundry services. Because things were going well and I now had other branches. This site provided me the information I need to get an all-in-one system that is both more effective and affordable. A big shout out to PP101, made a real difference for me.

Hans Zimmer

It’s a no brainer! Payment Processor should be your trusted choice for payment processing advice, software, and services. Now my payment processing is a breeze that’s on autopilot. I honestly never thought I could accept payment and make money even in my sleep. But I guess everything is possible with technology nowadays. Thank you PP101 for coming through for me.

David Arnold

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